The Laptop Dancer Diaries

You'll love it! How do I know? Check out the Amazon reviews! (And some of those people weren't even my friends or relatives!)

The Laptop Dancer Diaries - A Mostly True Story About Finding Love Again will entertain you as you take a peek into the world of adventure, relationships, dating, and love in mid-life.

Married, single, men, and women are all finding the book both funny and moving.  One reader tags the book, "Erma Bombeck meets Sex and the City." It's an accurate description, though I'm more of a geek than Bombeck, and never without my trusty laptop, Laptop Guy.

I realize something is wrong when the closest thing I have to a boyfriend is my laptop. Sure he's easy to turn on, but his performance is not what it used to be. I want more. I vow to venture out into the real world, take more risks and conquer my insecurities.

My three resolutions: to have an adventure a month, to fall in love, and to write a book, are all intertwined, resulting in a story that will inspire readers to follow their dreams. By sharing my honest, hilarious and often embarrassing stories, older singles will discover the ups and downs of dating in the millennium. The secret to falling in love is revealed at last in the surprising conclusion.

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