Week of May 23: Geeks Meet Sex and the City


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The Laptop Dancer Diaries: A Mostly True Story About Finding Love Again

Have you ever wanted to be more adventurous? Write a book? Fall in love? This book will inspire you to stop dreaming and take action. In a unique experiment attempting to uncover the secrets of love, the “mostly true” version of The Laptop Dancer Diaries, explores all kinds of relationships, including the unusual connection between a woman and her laptop. Author Yvette Francino will both entertain and educate by sharing the ups and downs of post-divorce dating at an older age.

Superior, Colorado May 23th, 2010 -- In the week we celebrate National Geek Day (May 25th) and the release date for the new Sex and the City (May 27th), author Yvette Francino is celebrating geeky relationships everywhere with her book, The Laptop Dancer Diaries. Francino was determined to discover the secret to falling in love and document it in a book before her 50th birthday. In this humor memoir she takes readers through a year of adventure and relationships as she attempts to turn on more than just her laptop. Customer reviews consistently label the book as both funny and touching. One reader suggests the tag-line: “Erma Bombeck meets Sex and the City.” This is close, though Francino is more of a geeky humorist than Bombeck, as she can’t seem to rid herself of her ever-present companion, Laptop Guy.

Francino’s perspective of dating as a middle-aged single Mom is a little different than the typical media representation. Readers in mid-life will relate to the need to pursue their dreams, despite whatever insecurities or embarrassments they may face in the process. This peek at mid-life dating will leave readers laughing as they recognize feelings they’ve had themselves but never admitted to -- at least not out loud. Now they will have a chance to add their own stories with a creative twist. Francino is looking for collaborators for her next project: The Laptop Dancer Diaries: A Mostly UNtrue Story about Finding Love Again.

Yvette actively blogs about love and relationships on Lessons of Love from a Laptop Dancer, sharing many of the lessons she’s learned from other authors and experts as well as from her year-long quest for finding love. She is a certified coach and gives motivational presentations on goal setting, writing, and finding love. She will be presenting Geeks in Sex and the City: Humor in Mid-Life Dating on May 28th in Aravada, CO.

The Laptop Dancer Diaries: A Mostly True Story about Finding Love Again is available from Amazon.com. Celebrate Geeky Relationship Week on May 23rd by picking up a copy.

ISBN: 9 781450 580205

About the Author

Yvette Francino has had a long career in IT and is currently the Site Editor for SearchSoftwareQuality.com. She writes about technology, social media, running and relationships for various publications. She lives in Superior, Colorado with her teen-age son, dog, and laptop.

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