My next project is "Lessons of Love from a Laptop Dancer." I'm becoming a student of love by reviewing many of the top-selling books about love, happiness, and relationships in my Lessons of Love Virtual Book Club.  You can contribute by subscribing to my Lessons of Love blog. If you have your own blog, I'll be happy to leave a link and comment as well.

Starting June 1, 2010, we'll be reviewing is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

Tu June 1 Vitality Boost Energy
Th June 3 Marriage - Remember Love
Su June 6 Work - Aim Higher
Tu June 8 Parenthood - Lighten Up
Th June 10 Leisure - Be Serious About Play
Su June 13 Friendship - Make Time for Friends
Tu June 15 Money - Buy Some Happiness
Th June 17 Eternity - Contemplate the Heavens
Su June 20 Books - Pursue a Passion
Tu June 22 Mindfulness - Pay Attention
Th June 24 Attitude - Keep a Contented Heart
Su June 27 Happiness - Boot Camp Perfect
Tu June 29 Book Review and Learnings