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A very funny read

I was completely amazed by the Laptop Dancer Diaries. I expected yet another boring how-to guide for online dating. Instead, Francino shares embarrassing tales with extraordinary honesty. I even cried, but that was because I was laughing so hard.
~J. Bain

Loved the humor

Get a copy of The Laptop Dancer Diaries and tag along with Yvette as she, in her post-divorce life, challenges herself to an adventure and a date each month in her search for love. The result is a humorous look at life and love and the realization that sometimes love is never as far off as you think. I really enjoyed the book and recommend it to others.   ~David Salyer

My laptop never had it so good

This is a fresh approach to looking for love in all the wrong places. You can't always tell if Yvette is running to find love or running from love, but she takes you on a series of adventures that will bring a smile. A good read, Laptop Dancer is particularly relevant to those mid-life (No - I'm not going to risk giving an age.) women who have proved themselves professionally and as a parent and now want an adult relationship that promises adventure but doesn't require that they compromise what they have or who they are. ~T. Parsons

Finally love in the right place

I read an early draft of this book and loved it from the very beginning. Yvette's approach is transparent and honest. A report from the front lines of dating after divorce in today's world.

If I put my divorce recovery and relationship coaching hats on I can also say that I believe women will find comfort in this book as they come to understand that they are not alone in the trials, tribulations, and ridiculous humor of dating at midlife. Men will also appreciate this look into a woman's mind. What is she really thinking when the date is over?

The ending is a complete surprise and I think, the most important part of the book. I'm glad it's finally published so I can get it into the hands of those who will be relieved, enlightened and inspired by it. ~Jeannine Lee

Funny and so so true..

I loved 'laptop dancer diaries'. A funny and cut-to-the-bone honest look at middle-aged dating. I laughed, and cried, and cried out "What were you thinking???" as she navigated the dating minefield, looking for love and adventure, accompanied by her somewhat reluctant but ever faithfull laptop. I hope there's a sequel.  ~V. Babbit

Hilarious and heartfelt

he Laptop Dancer Diaries by Yvette Francino is a witty look at middle age dating. It will appeal to fans of Erma Brombeck, Dave Barry, and Lewis Grizzard. Very funny and very touching. Get it!  ~D. Parker

Honest and funny

Yvette bares it all in search of Love. Honest, sometimes painful, but delivered in a tongue-in-cheek style, with wit and hilarity in equal measure. She left me with the desire to live just one day as one of the conscience voices that speak to her and her psyche. Her freshmen unveiling really brings it.  ~ S. Johnson

Fun read!

I read Laptop Dancer Diaries almost non-stop. It's one of those books that keep you up late at night just to finish it! It's a very fun read. Because I'm not single, I thought I wouldn't relate to the book, but it was very entertaining and kept me riveted!
~K. Barnes

Type A recipe for finding love?

Laptop Dancer Diaries is witty, serious, funny, and charming, with just the right touch of neurotic. Yvette does a great job of showing us that finding love again post-divorce can't be reduced to dispassionate project management techniques for Type A personalities. Erma Bombeck meets Sex and the City! ~ M. Gauch